ACL Air Charter & Leasing Ltd


Why choose ACL?

-          ACL staff have a combined total of more than 50 years collective experience in the aviation industry, covering aircraft chartering, leasing and fuel management


How do I charter an aircraft?

-          Just one call or email to ACL with your request will get the ball rolling. All we need from you are the departure and destination points, expected flight dates and a brief description of what you wish to transport and ACL will do the rest, reporting back to you with different  aircraft options and price quotations

How do I lease an aircraft?

-          Contact ACL with your requirements and we will get back to your with several price quotations for comparison purposes, together with leasing solutions that you may not have considered

How long is a typical aircraft lease contract?

-          In recent years ACL have negotiated aircraft lease contracts from 3 months upto 5 years, with the average duration being 2 years

What is a jet fuel tender?

-          Fuel tendering is an administrative process used by airline companies to procure jet fuel from fuel supply companies at the most competitive price for the locations which the airline flies to and uplifts fuel.


The complete tender process usually lasts 4-6 weeks, with typical supply contracts negotiated during the tender process lasting for 12 months, however other durations are possible, usually ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Home base is usually the most important location for airlines, as this is where most volume is uplifted, so why not utilise a fuel tender to get the lowest possible pricing from suppliers?

How much does a fuel tender cost?

- ACL will undertake a complimentary assessment of your current fuel procurement procedures and make recommendations accordingly, which may involve the implementation of an annual fuel tender


ACL will plan & execute the complete fuel tender on your behalf, from the initial invitation of fuel suppliers, through to the final awarding of supply contracts


A competitive and transparent price quotation for the full tender process will be sent to the airline after the initial complimentary assessment based on the expected work load and number of locations involved, however ACL are confident that you will save money compared to your current procurement procedure

We are a start-up airline and are having problems convincing aircraft owners to lease their aircraft to us, can ACL help us?

-          ACL understand the challenges of sourcing aircraft for a start-up project. ACL have excellent relations with several major international aircraft leasing companies and would be delighted to help you acquire the right aircraft at the right lease rate


Why would an airline company consider a fuel tender?

-          A fuel tender allows an airline company to invite as many different fuel suppliers as possible to offer fuel pricing for one (or more) locations served by the airline. Thereby creating a highly competitive pricing environment, in which the lowest offer will be awarded the supply contract, saving the airline company money on each fuel uplift throughout the duration of the supply contract, usually 1 year


However, the fuel tender process also includes the negotiation of payment terms, allowing the airline to receive the best possible credit terms from fuel suppliers, freeing up working capital for your company


In our experience, airline companies that utilise a fuel tender to procure their fuel are less likely to be taken advantage of by fuel supply companies and over time develop excellent business relationships with these suppliers, leading to more stable pricing and payment terms


 Jet Fuel Tenders